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Something about dance
Royal Shrines of the South 
21st-Jun-2012 12:39 pm
Three new articles about three famous royal temples of Tamil Nadu (http://www.natyam.ru):

Kailasanatha temple (Kanchipuram) - royal shrine of Pallava dynasty
Kailasanatha temples gives impression, first of all, of ancient grandour. Huge sculptures, innumerable bas-reliefs, convey feeling of powerful, all-mighty monarchy of those times.

Gangaikonda Colapuram temple - royal temple of Cola dynasty
Gangaikonda temple is famous for its sculptures. The main spirit of this temple as would describe as serene, dignified worship. 

Darasuram - royal temple of Colas as well
Darasuram feature is numerous sculptures and bas-reliefs depicting dance and music. 

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