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Something about dance
Gandharva tradition of music described in Natya Sastra and Dattilam 
22nd-Apr-2012 03:04 pm
Started huge and interesting research - 

Gandharva tradition of music described in Natya Sastra and Dattilam:

inspiring. this ancient musical tradition is absolutely beautiful.
according to scholars, gandhava music was a set of strict ruled regulating musical forms, which were the only admitted to serve worship purposes (secular music was not so greatly restricted by rules and was called 'gitaka'.

that's why in such sources as Natya Sastra and Dattilam, Gandharva tradition is given the first and major importance,
the rules are formulated so precisely, that today we can reconstruct this completely forgotten musical forms and hear how it was played in 1-4 centuries AD.

the basic question was - which scale they used. the intervals between notes are given in srutis, artificial measure, aimed to present complicated system of intervals calculated using geometrical progression, in simple additive terms.

previous research in scales helped a lot to understand the nature of each of 22 srutis (those guyes proved to have individuality!), and formulate the scales in modern, physical and mathematical terms.

my sincere wish is to complete this wonderful research. this music brings flavour of ancient harmony. composing music in those ancient jati-s is my utmost and the most sacred dream.
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